These are the services we offer

Housing Assistance – Assistance to individuals with disabilities who are homeless or who need to locate affordable, accessible housing.

Employment Services – Assistance with obtaining employment and work related issues. Social Security and other benefits counseling.

Disability Rights – Information about your rights and evaluation of local businesses, organizations, etc. to ensure that all accessibility guidelines are followed.

Assistive Technology – Equipment provided on a loan basis and also assist consumers in obtaining their own equipment.

NewWell Fund – Loan funds for assistive technology.

Technology Assistance Program – Devices for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have speech disabilities.

Community Action Advocacy Groups – Community needs of persons with disabilities are identified and strategies are developed to address those needs.

Support Groups – Recreational activities,mutual encouragement, and assistance in identifying and addressing personal and local needs.

Computer Instruction – Instruction in the utilization of accessible computer software.

Home Modifications – Ramps, grab bars, etc. provided to financially eligible individuals (Note: dependent on availability of funding).

Transition Services School – Collaboration with school systems and other agencies to assist students with disabilities in transition from middle school to high school and post graduate opportunities.

Institutions – Assistance with transitioning from nursing homes and other institutions back into the community. Sometimes accomplished through the Money Follows the Person Project.

Assistance Services

State Funded Personal Assistance Services – Services provided through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services to allow individuals with disabilities to live in their communities.

Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Plus Waiver(formally EDCD/Tech Waiver) – Consumer directed, community based services as an alternative to nursing care facility. Eligible individuals are provided with service facilitation to help manage their personal attendant program.

Workshops – Workshops for individuals, organizations, and businesses.


Sensitivity Trainings

Employment Issues

Medicaid Waivers

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Fair Housing

Assistive Technology