About Us

The Blue Ridge Independent Living Center (BRILC) is a private, nonprofit community organization that was established in 1989 to assist individuals with disabilities to live independently. The Center also serves the community at large by helping to create an environment that is accessible to all.

BRILC provides the four (4) core services of peer counseling, independent living skills training, advocacy and information and referral. In addition, the Center assists individuals with disabilities to transition out of nursing homes and other institutions back into the community. This assistance is sometimes provided through Money Follows the Person.

In addition to assisting individuals to locate affordable/accessible housing, we sometimes have funding available to complete home modifications such as grab bars, ramps, etc.

The Center also provides Case Management for the Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver and Service Facilitation for the Elderly or Disabled with Consumer-Direction Waiver.

BRILC also assists individuals with disabilities who want to return to work or to work more hours. These services are sometimes provided under the Ticket to Work program. Staff can also assist individuals with disabilities to determine how working will impact their benefits.

BRILC assists individuals with disabilities to file applications for Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security or appeal decisions. In addition, BRILC assists individuals with disabilities with overpayment waivers.

The Center also houses a number of support groups such as a Men’s Club, a Coed Group, the Phoenix Star Clubhouse, and the Amputee Support Network.

If you would like additional information about the Center and the services we provide, contact BRILC at 540-342-1231 (v/tty).